Meet the designer
Barbara Biffoli

Barbara Biffoli’s creations are inspired by her passion for art, so is possible to find that references in many of her precious works. Her jewels, designed and made in a laboratory in Rome, mix silver, bronze and gold with precious stones such as diamonds and rubies. The raw materials and stones blend perfectly with the Pre-Raphaelite period and the artistic lines of the Renaissance, experimenting with a new contemporary language that gives a touch of uniqueness to each creation and a vibrant sensuality to her collections.Many of her jewels are unique and unrepeatable pieces, because if art is a source of inspiration on one side, history is on the other side: so olden Roman coins become part of her creations and are set in pendants with unique style and sophisticated charm. As a jewelry designer and artisan, Barbara Biffoli follows every step of the creation of her collections, from design to production, in a refined and authentic style.